About Me

yoHey folks, my name is Gabriel, I’m 26 years old and Jewish, and I’m an editor and journalist for a lifestyle magazine here in Buenos Aires. I also write weekly columns for some regional newspapers (“periodicos” in Spanish).

I was born in Buenos Aires but we moved to New York when I was only 3 years old. I grew up in Brooklyn and attended college there, getting my BA in Marketing. I then started writing for a gay lifestyle magazine in Brooklyn right after college and my journalistic career was launched from there on.

I left the United States to live here in Buenos Aires 4 years ago. Luckily for me my upbringing was bilingual so I speak Spanish at a native level. Had I not been able to speak Spanish fluently, I would not have considered coming back to Buenos Aires.

So are you gay?

As you will notice, one of the main topics of my blog is the LGBT community. Yes, I’m a gay male and I think that blogging in more of a journalistic manner about the LGBT community is something that can be of value to those who read me.

The gay nightlife here in Buenos Aires is pretty much on par to that of New York, no kidding! But when it comes to civil rights here in Argentina, the LGBT community is at a disadvantage when compared with New York or any other metropolitan city in the United States.

So is Gabriel Walker your real name?

Gabriel Walker was my pen name in the United States. My actual name is Gabriel Rishon so it doesn’t get any more Jewish than that LOL For anyone who isn’t aware of the meaning of rishon, it means “the first one” in Hebrew.

So you are gay and Jewish?

Yes and yes! You would be surprised as to how common this, although it is true that I don’t practice my religion, but I’m proud of my roots.

Buenos Aires is the main “Jewish” city in South America, and the second city in South America with the biggest Jewish population is Mar del Plata which is also here in Argentina; I just could not be in a better place! Not to mention that if you go to Tel Aviv, the gay nightlife is huge. Actually Israel is the only country in the Middle East where homosexuality isn’t a crime as the rest of countries will either put you in jail or murder you (legally) for being gay.