How to make hair wigs that are fun to style and cut

    Using wigs in the LGBT community and especially with drag queens and transsexuals isn’t anything new. Even those of us who are normal gay males and females like to tinker about every once in a while with hair wig so that we can change hairstyles for any particular clubbing gigs or to go to a really cool event. I myself consider myself a fan of wigs, pretty much because I am obsessed with men’s hairstyles and my hair. With a wig I can do any trendy haircuts or use all kinds of hair products to try on the wig so that I don’t do these experiments on my own hair and end up with a choppy haircut and a gross hairstyle covered in hairspray and slicked hair gel.

    hair wigs amyI wanted to get the opinion on hair wig from my dear friend Amy. She’s also an avid hair wig fan and makes her own wigs. She sells them online but she gives me a lower price for the hair wigs than she does for her normal retail prices (the b*tch could still give me a better price LOL I love you Amy anyway!). So I asked Amy to give me some of her ideas and tips for making a hair wig that looks fun to style and cut. I’m not so much talking about hair wigs for those guys who are balding and need a realistic wig. Instead I’m talking of vibrant hair wigs to take to a party and get a really cool hairstyle that people will turn their heads to. I’m you’re an atention wh*re like me then you will understand what I meant! 🙂 Ok so let’s hear it from Amy below.

    Wigs are suitable for absolutely everyone, whether you’ve got a ton of hair, or no hair at all. They neatly skirt round the problems of color-matching and weight, so you can do things with a wig that would be difficult on a real head of hair. You can also do things to it that you wouldn’t dare do to hair – glue is your friend here.
    They’re also a perfect solution for anyone who has to look normal for work.

    beautiful hairstyle wig from AmyMaking fake hair wigs is pretty straightforward. It can be summed up as follows: get hold of a wig, attach things to it in the same way you’d attach things to real hair (usually plaiting, or latch-hooking through the wig cap), and then wear it.
    There are a couple of differences, obviously – since it’s not real hair, you don’t have to be quite so careful with heat and glue. You also don’t have to try to hide the base hair so much, because you can just buy a wig in the color you want and work with that. There’s no obligation to plait to the end of the wig’s hair, as there is with double-ended dreads on real hair – just braid enough to attach whatever you’re attaching, then snip off the excess.

    You might also find it very helpful to buy a cheap Styrofoam/polystyrene wig head to skewer your wig onto – it’s much easier to work on a wig on a stand that it is to work on a wig that’s just flopping about loose.

    In case you’ve never had a look at a wig, they usually consist of wefts of hair stitched in rows onto a base. The wefts tend to be quite spaced out at the back, and then the wefts get closer together as you get closer to the crown. The base may be a complete cap made of mesh, or may be a load of strips of lace strung together, with wefts stitched onto the lace. The mesh base wigs are easier to do extensions on, because you can stitch extra wefts on the mesh base if you need to. If you plait dreads, braids etc into the wefts on a wig, it can expose the mesh cap underneath – this is where you’d need to stitch extra wefts onto the wig cap, or, pull extra loose hair through the holes in the mesh with a latch-hook tool.

    wig hairstyle pinkIt’s usually a good idea to spend some time tidying and sprucing up the fringe/bangs on a wig, after you’ve added extensions to it. This is often the giveaway to a cheap wig – one that has a very nylon-y looking fringe, or that’s too long, or all one color. You can glue little bits of weft in a contrasting colors between the layers on the fringe, or, just glue in little bits of loose hair – that will make it match up with other colors on the wig a bit better. A pointy fringe, or one that’s been swept sideways, will often look an awful lot better than the standard ‘rolled bangs’ that most wigs come with.

    And that’s pretty much all I have to say about wigs!!

      What it’s like being a gay male in rural Australia

      Hey guys!! My Aussie friend Mike wanted to post about his life growing up as a gay male in rural Australia which by the looks of it is about 60 years behind from modern times when it comes to accepting people’s sexual orientation.

      Mike writes:

      mill photoI have lived in rural Australia for most of my life. Being a queer kid in an often unrelenting and bigoted country region has had a substantial impact on the way I have developed as a gay person. Being faced with negative attitudes and a “fear and loathing” towards homosexuality has often been hard to deal with. I have spent a couple of years of my teenage life in the city, but I’ve always found these stigmas to be more prevalent in country life.

      In the bush there is a set standard as to how a male is to act and present himself. There is no such thing as individuality and the eccentric people in the community are usually the reclusive, social outcasts. Out here people must fit into a certain box to be accepted. The male ego runs rife with macho competitiveness and conceitedness. Growing up here can be really difficult sometimes.

      Most of the gay males I’ve met from rural areas do not fit the country bumpkins’ stereotype of the faggot. I’ve always wondered why so? I read somewhere that humans are the most effective creatures on this planet at adapting to change. Realizing that you are queer in an environment that is not yet willing to accept you can be harsh. Considering the generally negative view of gays, it would be a better choice to move into a groove which doesn’t cause unwanted attention or bigotry. The idea is to conform and be seen as yet another red-blooded male. Conforming, however, can have adverse effects.

      in the middle of nowhereSimply take a look back in history and see what happened to the minority groups that were forced to assimilate into another’s dominating society. The future repercussions are definitely not positive. Taking on an unsuitable lifestyle that is maladjusted to your own ways of thinking can cause extra stress, depression and have many more terrible outcomes.

      To jump on my soapbox for a second, the government’s financial support of rural Mental Health Services is pathetic. There are too many people suffering and the massive lack of psychiatric professionals is astounding. The rate of country male suicides is extremely high. I begin to wonder, how many of those suicides were actually sexuality related? Because of our social surroundings it seems that we are being swept under the carpet and forgotten.

      So how do we create a more safe and healthier environment for the young, gay and rural population? Changing people’s opinions doesn’t happen overnight. Living in the city there are plenty of walks of life. Society is different. To change someone’s point of view out here, there is going to have to be a certain amount of education and tolerance instilled in the community.

      rural aussie landFirst of all, there is a lack of support for queer country kids. Because homosexuality is such a hush-hush issue in rural areas, building a network of friends and allies is quite a difficult task. Making friends is an almost impossible task because a persons true sexual identity is often hidden by a common repugnance of the “unknown”. It is going to take a group of brave, committed people to stand in the face of adversity and make OUR voice heard. There needs to be social support groups formed, an educational committee to inform the general public about the oppression faced by young gays, plus a decent mental health unit to tackle problems concerning sexuality issues.

      I believe it’s fair to say that the country’s ideals and their way of living and thinking are far behind in relation to the city. As a country boy i can say there are definitely some good aspects to rural life. But what needs to change is the overall attitude toward selected minority groups and to heal some of the hatred and bigotry. This will be a mammoth task and even though intolerance cannot be eradicated completely, life for certain individuals could be a hell of a lot happier.

        Why is being gay so trendy in TV?

        Gay seems to be the new fascination for TV right now. Several highly rated shows like Will & Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Two and a Half Men feature gay characters. While many in the queer community have applauded the networks for airing these controversial shows in primetime TV, those many seem to have overlooked how these shows feed on gay stereotypes.

        On Will & Grace, for example, Grace, the heterosexual woman has had many boyfriends and she eventually got married. Will, the gay man, has yet to have a serious relationship. Along the same line, the show has depicted numerous heterosexual sex scenes, yet it hasn’t even hinted at a visual reference to sex between two men. Jack, Will’s best friend, is the stereotypical gay man. He’s an actor, he loves Cher and he is very superficial about most things in his life. Where is the successful businessman in this who just happens to have a domestic partnership with another man? Where are the “bear,” butch gay men in this cast of expressive and flighty Jacks?

        In shows depicting heterosexual lifestyles, the people watching can conclude whether or not the show is exaggerated or more accurate by comparing it to their own life or other heterosexual people they know. Since many people don’t know any out gay men or lesbians, we run the risk of being judged based upon the inaccurate projection of the media.

        queer eye for the straight guy posterQueer Eye for the Straight Guy practically relies on stereotypes even to have a show. The perfectly sculpted “Fab Five” represent each major stereotype of gay men. Jai and Carson, for instance, embody The Lisp. Carson and Thom are The Limp Wrists. Carson also plays the part of The Witty Gay Man with his humorous criticisms of the style-challenged straight men. Ted cooks–a, you know, “feminine” role–so that automatically makes him gay in the uniformed hetero world. Kyan portrays The Makeup and Hair character, as you can’t be a straight male and also be clean. So to Hetero Jane (because Hetero Joe wouldn’t be caught dead watching a show with “queer” in the title) now thinks that all gay men talk with a lisp, loosely snap their wrists about, cook and use more hair care products than she does.

        Two and a Half Men really doesn’t provide any rewarding gay material to watch. We are just presented with a man living with his brother because his wife came out as a lesbian. She now, as all good lesbians do, hates men. Many misinformed jokes are made at her expense, contributing absolutely nothing to the dispelling of the man-hating bull dyke image many people subscribe to.

        It would not surprise me at all if one of the networks released a new series with a clever name like Gay for a Day. I’ll even pitch you the setup: Two heterosexual men and women receive special “gay-overs” on this (farthest thing from) reality show premiering on the queerest network on TV, Bravo. The four individuals will attempt to secure membership in the highly exclusive and sometimes dangerous Lavender Mafia. If the participants get past the bull dyke guarding the door, they must meet several other challenges proposed by the (drag) queen and king.

        Each event the contestants must conquer will have introductory commentary explaining the significance of the proposed challenge. The Walk, for example, is absolutely essential for gay men to identify each other from a distance, practical uses being drive-by pick-ups (and I don’t mean the trucks). Male contestants must master that perfect swish of the hips to be crowned victorious. Female contestants will work on just the opposite–prying the feminine swagger from their pelvic hinges–crafting the perfect blend of lumbering ape and agile mongoose. Of course, at the completion of each event, participants will be adorned with rainbow colored lei’s, so they can get… oh never mind.