Chatting with one Cool Aussie Band

Magic Dirt emerged from the scene of Geelong, a satellite city about 30 minutes southwest of Melbourne, Australia in 1993. Their penchant for crossing pop melodies with a garage noise aesthetic quickly earned them a large hometown following. The rest of Australia soon caught up.

Dean (bass/vocals), Adalita (guitar/vocals), Daniel (guitar), & Adam (drums) had one ambition- to play with other cool bands. It took just three gigs for the word to get out that Magic Dirt had to be checked out. After a handful more shows their phones were ringing and the offers were flying in.

Although they do enjoy a free drink as much as the next kid, the band wisely decided that songs mattered way more than schmooze. They turned their back on the overtures and decided to take the time to enjoy making music and to develop as a band.

Are there any plans for upcoming tours?

concertAdalita: At the moment we are working on a new record and hopefully we’ll be touring for the record early next year.

How does it feel coming around to your 10th anniversary?

Adalita: It feels so amazing. I can’t believe we’ve lasted this long and I feel extremely lucky to still be a part of the music scene. I kind of feel all young again.

How did you all meet?

Adalita: Dean and I used to go out and we lived with Daniel and we used to jam in our bedroom by the beach. It was very idyllic and then through mutual music friends we met Adam and the rest!

Are you currently recording demos for the new album that is being released at the end of this year?

Adalita: Sure are. It’s been such a wild ride already. We are chomping at the bit. I can’t tell you excited we are and how with every passing second we get more and more excited. I’ve been grinding my teeth at night for the past 12 months.

Will the new album feature the song Brat, which has been played at a few live shows this year?

Adalita: Yes it will.

What is your connection with the band Moler?

Adalita: (Because they are the evil scientists in the ‘Supagloo’ film clip) Yeah. Only Helen Cattanach from ‘Moler’ appear in ‘Supagloo’. The other evil scientists are Geoff from ‘SixFtHick’ and a friend of ours.

How many times did you have to go through the car wash on the Redhead film clip?

Adalita: It was 6am and they put about different things in my hair like henna, red food dye and other stuff. We all went through the car wash about 10 or 11 times. It was fun but in the end it’s hard to see Adam. It’s a very loved clip. I always get comments about that one. It was actually our very first video.

Where do you get the inspiration/ideas for your lyrics and music?

Adalita: From life… people. I take everything in and I am very sensitive to a lot of stuff so it all gets stored up inside and mushed around and then somehow it comes out in a song. Most of the time I am quite unaware of what I am singing about but I know that it makes me feel a certain way. And then when it’s all out there I love how it’s open to interpretation by the listener.

What are your own personal favourite tracks on your albums and why?

Adalita: I don’t have any favourites because I don’t really listen to them but I would say that I love the epics like ‘Now or Never’ and the instrumental version of ‘Babycakes’.

Adalita you are seen as an icon in the music industry, how do you feel about female groups such as ‘Skulker’, ‘Lash’, ‘Nitrocris’ and female artists such as Connie Mitchell from ‘Primary’ and Sarah McLeod from ‘Super Jesus’?

Adalita: It feels great to be able to hang out with other female artists and have a drink and talk about music and dresses, lipstick and ways to enlighten a mostly male dominated industry. Sadly ‘Nitocris’ have disbanded but there are still many female musicians out there. I just wish there were more girls upfront singing or playing a guitar and really belting it out and going hard. I get a bit disappointed that the main forum offered to a woman is that of a “pop chanteuse”. It gets a bit sickening. I think ‘Lash’ have heaps of potential and more girls rocking on stage in general please!

How many guitars have you smashed?

Adalita: Probably too many. All my guitars, even my brand new baby, have been smashed against something and some didn’t quite make it. I got given a massive bag of weed back in ’93 when I completely destroyed my Maton Ibis guitar. It split into a million matchsticks.smashed

Will the band be performing in the 2003 Big Day Out?

Adalita: Don’t know yet. I bloody hope so.

Where did the name “Magic Dirt” originate from?

Adalita: Our first guitarist came up with two words he strung together. I wish there was a crazy story to the name but there isn’t. People think it’s got something to do with drugs. Like magic mushies or something. I like when people come up with their own take on it.

Any words for our gay readers?

Adalita: Love yourself, love life, believe in yourself and don’t take shit from anyone!

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