My attempt at the slicked back undercut hairstyle with hair products!!

I got a new haircut so why not blog about it. I have been in love with Brad Pitt for as long as I can remember so when I saw Brad Pitt’s haircut in Fury… well I knew that I had to get it!

brad pittSo I went to the barber with a picture of Brad Pitt’s Fury haircut and told the guy (in Spanish!!) how to give me the haircut. I read all about the hairstyle online and it turns out that the hairstyle is called a slicked back undercut hairstyle and you style it back with slicked back hair. You also have to buy the right hair products for men like a pomade, hair wax, a strong comb and a blow dryer if you want some volume on your slicked back hair. To me it just looks like I’m trying to decipher a broken puzzle with the Fury haircut of Brad Pitt. I had also heard of the undercut in the past but I had no idea how to get an undercut or what slicking your hair means. Lucky for me that guide in the link solved quite a few hair product questions that I had and the site had other hairstyle guides, so it was all good. Well until I had to translate the hairstyle advice from that website’s guides into Spanish and tell my barber about it.

After the barber gave me the ‘OK’ signal, he started buzzing my hair. If you don’t know what a slicked back undercut is, it’s basically a haircut where the hair from the sides are buzzed while still leaving enough length on the top to comb the hair back, this is what barbers call slicked back hair and there are several types of slicked back hairstyles which I was surprised to learn about since I thought combing your hair as a guy was pretty simply and even if it meant using pomade and a comb to slick back your hair.

When the barber was done buzzing the sides my hair looked weird but the barber told me that this was only the first stage of the haircut. So I said whatever and told him to continue. But what I was seeing in the mirror wasn’t looking good. It really wasn’t. My hair is wavy and as each minuted passed my hair was getting frizzier and frizzier. It was also filling up like a balloon. I don’t know, it’s the first time that I actually experience this type of haircut or hair effect for that matter.

brad pitt furyThe last part of my wannabe Fury haircut required the hair on the back of my head to be trimmed. So the barber turned the barber chair by 180 degrees so that I could no longer face the mirror. He spent a good 10 minutes trimming the back which meant that I no longer knew how my hair looked. All I could think of was that my hair would look better than the mess that this guy was doing. Then he turned back the barber chair and I looked in the mirror…

I wanted to cry. Think of haircut that looks exactly the opposite to the Fury haircut of Brad Pitt. Now multiply that by 100 and you get my haircut. It was just horrible!!! The barber who cut my hair noticed my disappointment in my new haircut and said if I needed anything else cut which it may not sound too awkward in English but it does in Spanish. I told him that I was done, so I paid for the haircut and left.

my new haircutI went back to the website where I read about the Fury hairstyle and tried to see if there was any other hairstyle that I could use with this haircut. There weren’t any. So I went around reading some more on what sort of hairstyle to use for my awkward haircut. I managed to get something out of that and tried to just give the hair on the top a messy look. It didn’t look as bad as my previous attempt at the sexy slicked back undercut hairstyle of Brad Pitt, so that was a bit of a relief. Here is the picture of my hair. At least I’ve learned where not to get my next haircut!!!

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