My first visit to Madrid!

Hey guys! I just returned from a week-long holiday in Madrid. I have a couple of friends there so I decided why not go to one of Europe’s friendliest gay cities now that I had some days off work.

This was my first time in Madrid and I have to say that I fell in love with the city. The architecture is vey similar to that of Buenos Aires, after all, much of Argentina’s culture is based around the culture of Spain and Italy. I was impressed with how well kept the inner city i as far as buildings go, although the outer part of Madrid isn’t as pretty as the inner part. We spent a lot of time in the neighborhood of Chueca, which is the main gay neighborhood in Madrid.



Even though it was Autumn already, Madrid still offered a pretty good climate to walk around outside and have tapas at bar terraces located in the center. The metro system in Madrid works really well too so it was very easy to visit the city and move from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some other neighborhoods that I really liked were “La Latina”, “Salamanca” and “Gran Via”. We did most of our partying at the Space nightclub which is located north of downtown Madrid. The music played in this nightclub is the usual “repetitive techno” that is so common in gay-friendly nightclubs. I’m personally bored out of my mind with the techno played in these nightclubs, but anyway, after a couple of Bacardi rums, I can put up with all the repetitive noise.

There are two main parks in the city of Madrid, one is called “El Retiro” and the other one is called “Casa de Campo”. I really liked both but I didn’t like the fact that there were some shady people around the “Casa de Campo” park, including prostitutes and drug dealers.

The Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid is where all the high-end shops are and of course, we spent a whole day spending a whole month’s salary buying new clothes! I got myself some nice shirts from Armani, a couple of Polo t-shirts from Lacoste, a couple of trousers from Zara and all my underwear from Calvin Klein. It’s Spring here in Buenos Aires so I bought clothes that are suited to Spring and Summer. I’ve got enough Winter clothes but I may have to visit Madrid again to buy a new range of Winter clothes considering how many high-end shops we visited! One thing that I dislike about Buenos Aires is that there aren’t enough high-end shops and, me, coming from New York, well, you can expect that I’m used to seeing high-end fashion shops everywhere.

The week in Madrid went by super fast. In between hangovers and partying, we did a lot of walking and sight seeing. I took a lot of photographs and bought a couple of souvenirs from Madrid. The airfare wasn’t that expensive so I may be visiting Madrid again in the future, although my next European city to visit is Berlin!!

I’ll leave you now with some photographs from Madrid that we took.

photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7 photo9 photo10 photo11 photo12 photo13 photo14 photo15


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