The obsession with beauty and with being handsome and sexy

In today’s society we are driven to become a plastic carbon based life form. Derived from such levels of perfection that the average Joe may not be able to meet. He works hard and yet does not have the genetic makeup that would allow his physical form to meet with the imaginary bar set so high by those in Hollywood. Even with the most dedicated of gym routines and diet restrictions.

abercrombie posterIt is suggested that eating disorders are mainly a female oriented disorder; however, this is simply not the case. While it may have been true at one time, more and more men suffer from eating disorders and depression brought on by the inability to become as the mythical creature-physical perfection. Leaving the average Joe feeling inadequate while insecure within his own skin.

It is time to get over it already. There is such diversity in physical forms in America today; we need to except that not everyone will be a molded plastic copy. There is a quality and worth found in the beauty of the human body, and it is not under copy write nor licensed by any gym, or marketing exec. Appreciate the form and realize that as anything else, it will come in all shapes and sizes. There are several components, which makes a person attractive along with the physical form.

These qualities no matter how rich in beauty one may be cannot be acquired at a gym, infomercial or bought. They are present in our personality and heart. Without these, a person can become an empty shell of counterfeit plastic like qualities, which tends to kill their ability to be real. Leaving some of the Twinks as they are called-like the snack itself, full of Empty calories. When it comes to the mental ability to inspire and enrich another’s life.

What are the so-called qualities that can make a person attractive to others? Well, here are some to name a few. Remembering that it is in each persons uniqueness, which brings variety into our life.

sexy guys posterKindness and sensitivity: The ability to show compassion and kindness to those around you draw people to you. This is a quality that many of the so-called beautiful people, lack in this day of dog eat dog mentality. Showing and offering sensitivity for others is not something that can be faux in nature. It is a realness in an emotional offering of friendship that comes form within. These emotions and character traits come naturally to those that live their life by the Golden rule.

Kinship and loyalty: Offering someone a true bond as an honest ally is an offering. It is time tested and stands true. This comes from someone that is secure with their own self, hence holds the ability to encourage and remain true, even when temptations to sell one out may come. The honest soul will stand by you. They will not feel the need to compete with you rather join you in life’s journey.

The ability to remain Positive and Optimistic: Does this mean being a merry sunshine twenty-four? No, no one can be happy all the time, and if they are, check the medicine cabinet. Everyone has moments in life where they deal with negative energies. However, the one that can bounce back and cope accordingly attracts others to them. Realizing the bigger picture of life, and finding the lesson therein.

An even temperament: This simply displayed, in those able to remain themselves through adversity. While, others around them may be reenacting the Hanger scene from Mommy dearest. This person is able to rationally deal with situation life may bring. Leaving the drama for the silver screen. It is a soft-spoken person that will inspire and teach those around them.

Intelligence: An intelligent mind that seeks knowledge, while not becoming a know it all. No body enjoys a blow hard, however, a mental stimulating quality about someone that can hold his own in the academic dream pool. This person will usually have a curious trait by nature, encouraging enriching the mind as well as the physical. Appreciating the individuals around them for the sheer magnificent force, they are.

abercrombie poster 2All of these are personality traits present in those, where their beauty shines through from the inner being. Does this mean that the pretty people cannot possess these qualities? That would be as unhealthy, as the stereotype of any man that lives outside of the gym, is somehow unworthy. There are good and bad in all lifestyles. A fact that people fail to realize at times. The old adage “Do not judge a book by its cover” has never been so truly needed; in the world as it is now. In the race to become all we can be. We need to stop and remember that we may just be missing opportunities to enjoy people worth their weight in gold, when it comes to the gift of sincerity they posses inside.

The bottom line here is this. Be comfortable with yourself, and not by anyone’s standard but your own. If you are happy with your physical form, than allow that to be enough for you. If you want to improve it, do so. Know the reasons that are prompting your concern, and weigh out what is right for your body. Do not allow anyone or venue to decide what is too much or too little for you. Remembering the truly important qualities which, come from the inside.

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